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January 28, 2009

177 of 177 Republicans vote ‘No’ on stimulus package

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While it doesn’t kill the bill, it did pass after all, it does send a strong message. There will be no republican stake in the fallout from this massive pork infested crap sandwich. A Pyrrhic victory to say the least, but for the first time since the great sleep-over just before the election, I am proud to stand with the party I support with most of my votes.

Now, with the dozen or so republicans heading over for drinks with the President, I am wondering what the mood will be like. Will there be a lot of post-partisan singing and jovial banter?

I think not.

The Sun is rising on Congressional Republicans

The Sun is rising on Congressional Republicans


January 22, 2009

From each, according to his ability. . .

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. . . to each according to his needs. Maybe the scariest clip I have seen of the American government in action.

So, as a professional, middle-class, white male, who has been on unemployment for 20 weeks now, I shouldn’t get any of the stimulus because I “don’t need it.” I would like to thank the Congressmen for letting me know what I need and don’t need. This is problem #1.

Problem #2 from the clip is the new New Deal. Government creating jobs is a pathway to disaster. This has been tried before, and failed. Something called the Great Depression, maybe you’ve heard of it. FDR tried to come up with a way to create jobs by building infrastructure and using government money (read: taxpayer money) to pay them. Now that the tax base is lower, the government now needs to increase taxes on private individuals, which drives the tax base even lower, which forces the government to increase taxes on individuals, and eventually you get to a point where the tax base is close to nil, and there is no longer any money to pay your infrastructure workers. This is not theory, this is not speculation, this is verifiable fact based on history. Specifically, history in the 1930s. The New Deal failed, and according to this 2004 UCLA study, actually prolonged the Depression.

The free market system must be allowed to fail from time to time. This is called market correction. When things like housing values skyrocket out of control, eventually that bubble must burst, and the industry takes a nose-dive, although it the dive would far shallower without the intervention of the government. The drop would fall just below their “correct” location, and see a minor spike back up to fall back in line with inflation. The democrats inflated the housing bubble artificially by forcing banks to take on high-risk loans in the interest of “fairness,” so that when this bubble burst, it was far worse than a normal market correction. The Federal Government needs to stay out of the housing industry, the auto industry, and every single other industry in the country. Let bad things happen from time to time, it is how people learn and adjust their behavior. Without the risk, there is no fear, and we can expect a lot more of this to happen before anything gets better.

But that was before the coronation of The One. He is here to make all things better, and will make sure it works this time, right?

At least the trains will run on time.

December 19, 2008

Bush Hands UAW Bailout Illegally

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Not to mention one of the worst, if not the worst decision he has made in a running string of bad decisions. As I have written about before, the American auto industry is in shambles. It is partly about management, but most of this has been caused by the UAW. And make no mistake, this bailout is for the UAW. This will not work, and they will be back within months asking for more. But next time, Ford will be included.

LET.THEM. FAIL. Much like a forest fire is a healthy thing for the forest, when a bad business model fails, it is bad in the short term, good overall in the long term. There will be a vacuum that will be quickly filled by better, more efficient companies.

Not to mention that using TARP funds for this is illegal. The funds for TARP are for “financial institutions.” The Big Three are most certainly NOT financial institutions. Although the definition in the statute is very broad, with the phrase “including, but not limited to,” that does NOT give the government carte blanche to give money to anyone in need. Yes, it will be hard. Yes, a lot of good people will lose their jobs. If there is anyone who knows what that is like, it is me. But it is necessary. And exactly where is this money coming from? Where are these TARP finds coming from? The government HAS NO MONEY! They are in a deficit. A big one.

Bush has been a complete and utter disappointment over the last year. Other than his foreign policy, he has me completely disgusted with the government as a whole. We are slipping very quickly into socialism.

November 7, 2008

What if Obama sinks his hands into sports?

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Courtesy Chicago Tribune, October 28, 2009.
After 101 years of waiting, the Cubs finally have their World Series trophy!

After finishing in a tie with all other 29 teams for first place at 0-0-162, the Cubs can finally celebrate a World’s Championship!

“I just can’t tell you how good it feels to finally have a championship and to bring here to the North Side of Chicago,” said manager Lou Pinella. “We really didn’t play all that well, or even that hard, but we didn’t need to because the President told us he would give us all a chance to win!”

What Lou was referring to is the Fairness in Athletics Doctrine, or FAD. Earlier this year, President Obama pushed through legislation that forbade any official scorer from declaring any winners or losers in any athletic event. All 30 teams finished with the same record, and in the future, the trophy will be passed from team to team. Chicago gets it in 2009. Detroit and Cincinnati are vying for the trophy next year, with the congressional hearings scheduled to start early February. But the good money is on Cincinnati, because the Lions are scheduled to lift the Lombardi trophy around that time.

“It is finally time, uh, that all fans of every team, uh, not just those of the teams most talented, or hardest working, should get to have their day to raise the trophy,” said President Obama. “We pushed this through because the failed policies of the Bush administration are hurting the middle class because when they go to the bar sporting their colors, they get ridiculed and leave the bar, and this hurts the economy.”

It was scenes like these that prompted the president to approach senate majority leader Harry Reid to begin talks about eliminating the bad feelings that come from a person’s team suffering defeat. “We saw the joy in people’s eyes when the Patriots were beaten two years ago in the Super Bowl, and we wanted that all the time,” said Reid. “It’s not enough to strive to be excellent. Those of us in Washington need to make it reality for everyone!”

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh calls this a travesty, citing his Pittsburgh Steelers (9-0 currently, 0-0-9 officially) chances at winning this year. “The disparity between the haves and the have nots has been widening ever since Bush stole the election in 2000,” said Reid, “and Washington was broken. We needed to step in and make sure everybody gets a fair shake. The Lions have won exactly one playoff game in 52 years, and those fans deserve to see their team win it.”

As an offshoot of the doctrine, Michigan resident and Detroit Red Wing fan Dan Blakeslee’s lawsuit against the Red Wings has gone all the way to the Supreme Court. “It isn’t fair that GM Ken Holland should keep me off of the Red Wings. Just because I’m slow, can’t shoot, and have no endurance to even skate up and down the ice one time shouldn’t mean that I get left off the team.” Blakeslee won his lawsuit, but the judgment was stayed while the Red Wings appeal. Originally, the judgment forced all NHL players to wear weights around their legs and arms, thus making an even playing field, or ice in this case, for everyone who wants to play. The Sixth Circuit upheld the ruling, citing FAD specifically. When asked how Blakeslee is preparing for the games to come, he said, “why prepare? If I get slower, they have to, too. So I am playing video games in the meantime.” The NHL is preparing a “hockey skills czar,” to oversee the lowest skilled player to play, and bring down the rest of the league to their level. MLB, the NFL, and the NBA are preparing for the onslaught as well, creating positions for similar duties.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are scheduled to skate with the Stanley Cup next June, despite not being an American team and thus, exempt from FAD. The Utah Jazz are slated to take the NBA’s top prize, as well.

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