An Elephant in Donkey Land

November 7, 2008

Before we predict the end of the world. . .

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Let’s all just take a big, deep, breath, and realize that Obama is not going to socialize the USA. At least not without the Republicans help. Some facts:

– The Democrats have 55 seats in the Senate. This is a majority, but not the 60 needed for a filibuster-proof freeway to socialism. For Obama and Congress to get anything through, they need the help of the Republicans, and for that they will either have to come to the center, or give something up. Having said that, the Republicans should come out and say right now that card-check and the mandatory community service for high school and college students are not bargaining chips. They are off the table. Completely. Say it now, and never revisit it.

– The Supreme Court is not likely to shift left during Obama’s reign. The two Justices most likely to scoot are both lefties, and the mix will remain as is. There are four lefties, four righties, and Anthony Kennedy, a guy in the middle who gets called a leftist from the right and a rightist from the left. Obama may think he is the most powerful man in America, but Justice Kennedy could probably win that argument.

Obama will dip his fingers into foreign policy and will move the country left, and the recession will deepen. But we must keep in contact with our representatives, constantly letting them know where we stand on certain agenda items, and which are absolutely non-negotiable. Get out the message that it was the Democrats that got us into this mess. I have never got into an discussion with a liberal that didn’t devolve into an ad hominem attack on me, but have never returned in kind. Keep up the diligence, and in 2010, get the House majority back, and dip into the Senate majority.

We are stuck with Obama for four years, get over it. But we can relieve Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid of their posts in two years. We need to get to work.

UPDATE: Sounds like he needs no help instituting the “fairness doctrine.” The FCC can do that unilaterally, and by June 2009, he will have the three out of five votes needed to “flip the switch” back on. Not good.


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